Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day – we are overjoyed for you and happy that you have found your way to our website in search of Henley Taxis services.

We at Henley taxis understand how essential it is to be properly planned well in advance of the wedding day, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our dependable and professional Henley taxis service.

The following services are available

Henley taxis, UK bridal car rental, UK wedding minibuses, and going away vehicles at the conclusion of your reception. Depending on availability, these Mercedes Benz vehicles are chosen by newlywed couples rather than using a normal cab on such a momentous occasion as a wedding day.

Licensed for HONEYMOON airport transfers to and from any UK airport, we use our silver Mercedes E-class saloons with rear window flowers and a “Just Married” banner to transport couples on their special day.

Our wedding vehicle rental service is arguably the most competitive you can find in the UK and Henley, but this also means you need to book early to prevent disappointment as we are currently accepting many advanced reservations for the year ahead, with certain summer dates filling up quickly. All of the cars are decked up with ribbons,

bows, and flowers in the windows (Cream or ivory ribbon)

Some automobiles are also chauffeured by well-dressed individuals in formal attire

(New Mercedes E-class saloons)

The vehicles listed below are available for hire for your wedding in Henley. All of these may

customized to

the amount of time required for your ceremony, however we do need a minimum booking of 2 hours for

Registrar and civil wedding ceremonies. Because of the ceremony time and photographs, church weddings need a minimum of three hours. For winter church weddings, we may be able to accommodate 2.5 hours.

Mercedes-Benz E-class sedans (Uniformed chauffeur)

This vehicle is large, luxurious, and dignified enough to transport the most distinguished of wedding guests. This vehicle, which is somewhat

bigger than the previous model,

has enough space for most

kinds of wedding gowns to

worn. The uniformed chauffeur adds that extra touch of elegance to this important occasion.

Providing sports event

Providing sports event and corporate transportation for private and commercial customers with a high degree of satisfaction has been the focus of Henley taxis VIP for many years. Mercedes E-class saloons and Mercedes V-class executive minibuses in prestige silver with no markings provide unrivaled luxury, allowing you to relax and enjoy the remainder of the day ahead.

Due to the large number of people entering and exiting these events, the majority of long distance sports events are WAIT & RETURN jobs.

parking is not included

with your tickets,

it is the client’s duty to make arrangements. This also means that your Henley taxis driver will be available in the event that you need an early exit.

Our 6 passenger seat minibuses and our colleagues’ 16 passenger executive bigger minibuses are both available for sporting event transport for business customers in the United Kingdom, Henley, and Burton upon Trent, among other locations (Advanced bookings only for 16 seater) Lengthy-distance travels and full-day rental for Maidenheador sports activities in the Maidenhead region in Mercedes E-class saloons are ideal for two or three passengers, but four people may find the vehicle a bit cramped on long journeys or in the Maidenhead area.

Is it reasonable to increase the rates for private rental Henley Taxis?

As a result of the feared Covid 19 outbreak,

cab businesses have

struck particularly hard financially,

with business dropping off at an alarmingly fast pace. Private hire taxi firms depend on individuals traveling; as more people work from home and as certain businesses have come to a stop, the industry has suffered significantly.

Some taxi companies in Reading, Berkshire, are contemplating raising their rates in order to compensate for the loss of regular clients. Companies that provide transportation to and from airports have said that owing to a shortage of people flying out for business and vacation, they are seriously contemplating raising prices 100 percent.

Hundreds of taxi and minicab drivers

have been forced to quit the

sector in recent months due to a shortage of available business. This sector, which has long been the lifeblood of this nation, is going through a trying period. Recently, businesses like as UBER have entered the market and elevated the idea of ride railings to a whole new level. As a result, tiny local taxi firms have been

forced to shut their doors,

and drivers have been

forced to seek other employment opportunities.

Is it reasonable for local taxi companies to increase their rates in order to make up for the revenue they have lost as a result of the pandemic? You make the call!

When arranging airport transportation, keep these suggestions in mind.

Although it is very simple to order cabs online

there are certain guidelines that must be

followed. When you book Airport Transfers online with Henley Taxis, please keep the following points in mind as you complete your booking.

Remember to fill out all of the necessary information so that we can get a clearer image of your reservation.

The most important information to know when ordering airport taxis online

• reservation for your trip on our website.

•you should sure you have all of the information you need to secure your ride – flight information, anticipated arrival times, postcodes, and complete addresses – since having this information will help you obtain the lowest price for your trip.

• Make

a plan and gather all of the necessary information.

• For airport pickups,

please ensure certain that you have given a valid contact number. This is critical since we will need to connect with you prior to the pickup.

This includes providing full and accurate information, as well as the proper locations and phone numbers. If any of the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate, we have the right to cancel your reservation.

• At airports, our drivers will organize a pickup location or meet you at the meeting location you specify when booking your trip. Parking costs for 40 minutes are

included in the price.

• Additional waiting periods and the usage of airport parking lots will entail additional charges, which drivers may prove by providing receipts to the airport.

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