As a leading provider of pre-arranged Henley taxis, we believe ourselves to be experts in the field, serving business, corporate, and leisure customers traveling to and from the majority of UK airports.

Clients arriving comfortable after leaving the driving to their Henley chauffeur on longer distance journeys benefit from the luxury of our Mercedes V-class MPV’s or E-class saloons, which provide a smooth and pleasant trip.

As the heart of Henley, we can arrange for passengers to be picked up from their residences in the city’s residential areas, as well as from businesses located across the city, such as Pride Park, Ascot Drive, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, and Henley County.

In order to fulfill the needs of single individuals, couples, families, and small groups up to 6, we provide Mercedes Benz saloons or V-class MPV’s (Executive Minibuses) for Henley airport transfers, as well as vans to transport larger parties.

Henley airport transfers

Our Henley airport transfers can take you to and from Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport, and cruise ports at Southampton, Dover, Hull, and Liverpool. We can also take you to and from Heathrow Airport to Heathrow Airport.

Couples especially like the V-class MPVs, which have two Napa Leather Reclining Captain Seats that face front and are intended to provide comfort and relaxation while traveling.

Travel doesn’t get much better than a Mercedes Benz V-class MPV when you include in a beverages cooler, WiFi, water bottle holder, back temperature control, ambient lighting, mints, magazines, and an additional rear table.

We also offer airport transfers for businesses that have meetings in another country that their employees need to attend, as well as for business travelers. We can transport your company’s employees or VIP visitors to any airport in the United Kingdom and pick them up again when they return. Advance reservations are needed.

With our competitive pricing, well-equipped executive vehicles, and “meet and greet” service for returning customers, we distinguish ourselves from all other regular taxi companies.

In Henley, we’ve been offering airport transfers, or airport taxis as some call to them, to clients for quite some time. We at Henley Chauffers VIP do not consider ourselves to be a typical taxi service in the local area.

We take great pleasure in offering an elite airport transport service to and from Henley.

Leasing a minibus from Henley Taxis

Leasing a minibus from Henley Taxis, a company that provides executive minibuses with distinction.

Chauffeured Mercedes Benz luxury minibuses for hire in Henley, Borrowash, Pride Park, and Henley from Henley Taxis VIP. We are the long distance experts for comfy Mercedes Benz V-class MPV’s as well as E-class saloons.

In order to provide private and discrete transportation, we operate a modern fleet of fully licensed and insured MPVs, such as the new Mercedes V-class 6 passenger luxury MPV, which is arguably the finest vehicle in the East Midlands region, with no obvious signage for private and discrete transportation.

With over 15 years of experience in the chauffeur industry, serving local, national, and international customers, we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality and professional chauffeur services in Henley, and the surrounding areas of the East Midlands. Because of the popularity and demand for our minibus services, sporting events have always been a significant part of our business. Henley is probably our most popular regular request and is

followed by Henley County away games. We also provide minibus services for weddings and other special occasions.

Flights departing in the early hours of the morning

Very early morning flights are often challenging,

and you should ensure that you are well prepare. We have seen clients miss or almost miss their flights because they slept in late and then were unable to get up on time,

or because they were so exhaust that they forgot to bring essential travel papers or other things with them.

There are a few things you may take to minimize the likelihood of any inconveniences:

Check all of the timings twice.

Always double-check your travel papers to ensure you have the proper arrival, check-in, and departure times for the airport, as well as the aircraft departure time. Please also double-check that you have scheduled your lift or airport transport service for the appropriate time period.

Sleep Early in the Morning Wake-up Early

When traveling, it is common for people to make the mistake of staying up all night before an extremely early flight and then falling asleep just before takeoff. Make every effort to obtain a decent night’s sleep the night before a trip to prevent oversleeping and missing your flight.

Nothing should be left undone for the next day.

For the best chance of avoiding accidents, complete all tasks the day before, or at the very least the evening before; do not leave anything till the morning! If at all feasible, print out your boarding passes, check in online, and carefully pack all of your belongings.

Hotels Are Exceptional

If you are staying in a hotel before your trip, try to pick a hotel that is in close proximity to the airport to minimize delays and to ensure that you do not have a long distance to go if you arrive late. Many airports now even have hotels inside the terminals, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay.

Henley taxis can provide you with a reliable airport transfer service.

In the morning, if you are reliant on an airport transport service to bring you to the airport, make sure you pick a company that provides a high-quality service rather than just going with the cheapest alternative. A reputable Henley taxi service provider will confirm your reservation, ensure that the driver arrives on time or a few minutes early, check the route ahead of time for potential delays, and ensure that they have sent you a vehicle that is large enough to handle all passengers and baggage. If you choose a reputable Airport Transfer taxi Service near you, they will even provide you with a wake-up call option if you believe you may need one.

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