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If you have to book a cab in Maidenhead, we know you want to work with a coronavirus epidemic business in the area..

Fortunately, we recognize that people are concerned about the virus. We recognize it has had an effect on everyone, and we want everyone to be sure of taking a seat in one of our taxi cars. The things we do and the things we anticipate from you are listed here.

1. What are we doing?

You can be sure that our drivers will do everything in their power to keep you and our neighboring community safe when you rent one of our taxis in Maidenhead.

Like most other drivers, our drivers are required to wear masks, which they cannot remove. For the duration of the event, this mask covers its nose and mouth.

We can therefore keep the conversation to a minimum. You always have the option to book a taxi by means of our app, by phone or online. This will last for a long time following the end of the pandemic.

Our drivers have to keep their taxis clean and even supply our passengers with a hand-sanitizer if they want to.

We test our drivers on coronaviruses every two weeks under the guidance of the taxi license department Million Cars.

2. What are your exhibitions from our customers?

If you book a Maidenhead taxi with us, we expect you to do a few things to help us.

First and foremost, we want you to wear a mask if you don’t have a medical exemption. Even if you show no signs of illness, you can still pass the virus on to another person.

We expect that you will clean yourself and not leave any litter in the cab. Litter is just another area that can be attached to the virus.

Make an attempt not to contact people. Even when you handshaked the taxi driver before you entered, a virus could be passed on to the taxi driver or the next passenger.

Finally, we expect that you will take advantage of the opportunity when we give you a hand sanitiser.

3. What do you do if you do not comply with the rules?

We enjoy being available to help the good Maidenhead people. Taxis are often the easiest way of transport.

However, your driver may be forced to ask you to leave the cab if you do not comply with our rules. Some situations may require a permanent restriction on your future use of our services.

We can take people to court if they commit unlawful actions that threaten the lives of the driver or other drivers.

All the rules and regulations on coronaviruses apply to our drivers; we will not tolerate any violations of these rules and regulations.

4. What is the situation of these NEW RULES?

Henley taxis hope that these strict limitations will not be in place for a long time. The other taxi companies don’t either, for that matter. Our city, Maidenhead, is a lively city where our visitors are welcomed. We will be able to relax some of our rules because of the reduction in the R-rate.

It is however always advisable to maintain good hygiene and prevent germs from spreading from one person to another whether or not a virus is present.

• ACCESSIBILITY TO AIRPORTS: In future, we should return to the pre-Corona situation.

The Maidenhead airport is open to disabled people and wheelchair users. You may need a loaner wheelchair when traveling through the airport and terminal. Please contact Maidenhead airport if you require another kind of disability assistance.

All our drivers are fully licensed and trained to carry passengers with special needs or difficulty moving around the town.

Our accessible transport service is designed to offer all our customers a door-to-door service. Henley taxis can meet your needs with care, safety and reliability, whether for a medical appointment or a visit to your preferred destination.


All were affected by the coronavirus. Cabs are no longer as they once were on the streets. The city of Maidenhead and the rest of the world have had to adjust to the unavoidable changes.

However, as long as all follow the guidelines, it will be normal much sooner than you would expect.

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