Henley Taxis gets new fleet: A blog about the new fleet of Henley taxis.

Henley taxis have been providing trustworthy service for Henley on the Thames and its surrounding areas for many years. It features a variety of vehicles that can ensure that wherever you need to go, you get there safely and comfortably. If this is a Henley taxis service for Henley on the Thames or other surrounding areas, they should be able to provide for your needs. If you have any questions about the Million Cars taxi company or its services, feel free to contact them today!

We have a fleet of taxis that includes Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, people carriers and minibuses. All our taxis are kept very clean and you will find our drivers to be well dressed and friendly. We welcome account customers and also do contract work. We have larger vehicles for bigger groups or special executive models. Phone us for a list of our available cars.

We have one of the largest fleets of executive cars and MPV’s with courteous and professional drivers, all drivers are CRB checked and licensed by the SODC licensing authority. You don’t have to worry about whether your driver will arrive on time or not – because we provide live tracking for all our vehicles which are regulated by an industry standard, working dispatch system. All our vehicles have air con as standard.

Henley Airport Transfers

Million Cars provides reliable 24/7 Henley taxis service to and from all London airports. Our company monitors flight arrivals so you can travel with peace of mind knowing your driver will have your name sign ready for you right on time.

Meet and Greet

Our Transfers service ensures your minicab will be waiting for you upon arrival to the airport. You driver will greet you with your name on a board held high, just like when you rented the cab in the city center. The chauffeur will also load your luggage into the trunk of the car and wait nearby to be of further assistance during your ride away from Heathrow Terminal 5.

Day Hire

You can hire our mini cab service for an entire day at fixed rates. Our private taxi is the most convenient way to enjoy a sightseeing tour in London. Contact us for prices!

Corporate Meeting and Events

Million Cars specializes in providing taxi service to and from London’s airports. We provide this service around the clock, seven days a week, including holidays. You can be sure that you will be picked up by a Henley Taxi at the right time because we monitor flight arrivals times with accuracy.

Million Cars Company Provides Weeding Services

Henley Taxis has a wide range of chauffeur-driven wedding cars to accommodate both budget and strict requirements. With luxury chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes S Class cars you can give the ultimate wedding car experience to yourselves or your bridal party, but if you need to travel in several different directions for appointments, parties or pre-wedding gatherings, why not hire some MPVs’s for the bride’s family? This will ensure the comfort and security of all the close family members so they can feel free to relax on their big day. Furthermore, our competitive price plans ensure that you don’t have to spend too much money when booking your car hire.

Roadshow Services

If you’re looking to get your product to market in the fast lane, all you need is someone with experience in managing event logistics. Anyone can get an itinerary together for roadshows but if things fall apart along the way it could cost your business millions of dollars or even get you banned from the road! An experienced team member will help you get things done flawlessly by coordinating your journeys, advising on timings and making sure that you have the best chauffeur-driven car, people carrier, or minibus to get you around without a hitch

Million Cars Provide London Tours Taxi Services

They will make sure that you are safe and comfortable throughout your journey because of their extensive local knowledge which they can use to show you the ropes when it comes to all of the important details in your itinerary whether it be landmarks or financial districts.

Taxi and Private Hire

If you are searching for the most reliable taxi hire service in Henley, where you can find very cool cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and superfast Nissan GT with drivers in Henley common to pick you up on time then Million Cars are the best option for you. You can book your journey with us if you want a taxi to Henley.

Our Henley Taxi Service

Sitting in a taxi is a social statement that says a lot about you. Are you a person who is likely to reach time on time? Do people usually reach you so late that the wait takes longer than the ride itself? Are you someone who values their privacy or one who enjoys catching up during your rides? In short, how do people see you when they think of you in a taxi ride with them? If these seem like pointed questions for you, then it’s probably time for a change. There are many different companies which include Million cars offered in Henley himself!

Our Company is the best Taxi Company in Henley

Million Cars is an established taxi hire company in the Henley area, with many years of experience within the transport industry. Our longevity and continuous growth within this industry is down to our customer-focused service, attention to detail, alongside our strive to keep up with changes and trends, technology. All of these attributes allow for us to offer a variety of different transport services all designed to meet the needs of clients; for them to get from A->B on time in comfort they expect.

Million Cars is committed to offering the best standard at competitive rates

Million Cars offer a price match guarantee for airport transfers to all major



London City Airport




By traveling with Million Cars you are offered a truly professional and hassle-free journey.  When it comes to comforting rides we surely promise a taxi service that gives an experience worth booking.

Heathrow Airport to Henley on Million Cars Taxi Transfers

Over the years we have made the clients based on professional and comforting luxurious experiences. One can book their transportation as per their needs prior to their schedule to worry less and be on time for their destination ahead right after airborne travel concludes. Prestige Taxi Heathrow has expanded its services in London and now people traveling from Million Cars, the airport transfers have given investors a great chance to book transportation services they trust.

Taxi Transfers all around the clock in Henley on Thames

When it comes to arriving at the airport, you never know what type of experience you’ll have. You might be rushed or simply feel like you’re in a rush. We don’t want to leave anything up to chance once your trip is set in motion, which is why we provide the best taxi service that can accommodate your travel needs around the clock. Let us know where you need to go when you’re visiting Henley on the Thames (from Heathrow Airport for example) and we’ll make sure that there are always transport options available for customers in need. This way, no matter the time of day – or rather night – when your flights arrive, you can make sure that there’s someone on hand who makes sure they get you to one location or another with an absolute minimum of fuss! This gives a ‘peace of mind’ kind of feeling as knowing it’s handled before one steps out the arrivals.

Taxi Transfers from Henley on the Thames To The Heathrow Airport

Henley Taxis makes it their duty to stay approachable for everyone so that customers can be able to anticipate timely services at all times. We show our commitment by meeting the needs of travelers, especially those who are always caught up in traffic and busy schedules. Following this, we make sure that they can travel smoothly towards their destination; therefore, wherever you’re heading off to, there will be no reason why you should miss your flight because if you do make a reservation with us, we always make sure that you receive the best treatment possible at the lowest prices suitable for your budget!

When traveling with family to Taxis Henley-on-Thames via transfers from the airport, the most beneficial way to travel is by luxury car. Amongst our top Heathrow airport transfers , we have made our rankings high by keeping up with trends in which people are now opting for because it’s realistic. Our rates are minimal as per what we provide in transporting groups of people for their travels between destinations to catch flights or arrive at their destination safely.

Million Cars is the leading taxi service in Henley

Our taxi company understands how important it is to reach the airport at the last minute. They know that spending your time in traffic can be quite stressful especially if you are running late for your flight. That’s why they build relationships based on professional trust and provide comfortable luxury car rides at affordable prices. Our fleet of taxi’s ranges from, small budget-friendly vehicles to the executive luxury vehicle that may suit one’s comfort.

Competitive budget fares

When it comes to modes of transportation to and from the airport, you’d be shocked at what a taxi can do. Taxis not only transport people and luggage easily but they also do so in style and comfort without compromising on privacy or luxury. We know what you might be thinking, as a business owner accustomed to using this mode of transport as part of your everyday workflow that riding in a taxi doesn’t come cheap. In fact many business owners can recount times when they paid more for one ride than they would have liked. But at Henley Taxi Heathrow, London’s taxi service experts, we understand first hand how vital a taxi can be as a part of your business strategy and we want to make sure every penny you spend with us is money well spent. We guarantee great service for any trip by taxi whether it’s an important pick up from the airport or delivering business clients to meetings around the city!

Often when you are making your airport pickups in the morning, bookings are already made with you or by your company, but when flights are delayed for whatever reason, they end up charging you for any waiting time or even more expensively for the hop-off hop-on service that they offer. Thankfully we offer parking services with a 45 minute waiting time before you will even start to get charged and our prices are very competitive.

Henley Taxis values your time and money

We know that booking a flight can see your departure date approached more quickly than you’d hoped. But our taxi services are committed to providing highly reliable airport transfers for Henley on the Thames taxi services which will enable you to leave the country on time without any airport stress or additional fees. To give yourself more peace of mind, why not book your airport transfer with us today? Our taxis are already at the airport ready for you to enjoy all of the benefits travelling during peak times can bring. With this level of business professionalism, you’ll be flying high in no time!

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